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    Pastorial Care

    We believe Pastoral Care to be:
    “Care of the whole person sustained by the whole of the teaching staff as a means of facilitating learning, enabling young people to master the skills which help them to cope more effectively with their learning in school and to develop skills and attitudes which will enable them to cope more effectively in understanding themselves and in relationships with others.”

    Pastoral care is seen as a vital part of a child’s primary schooling with Parents, Teachers, Principal, Board of Governors and Support Services playing an important role.






    At Cullion Primary School, we are concerned with the development of the whole child – intellectually, morally, spiritually, culturally and physically. In line with our policy of maximising the potential of each pupil, the school recognises that it has a responsibility to do everything possible to care for each pupil’s physical and emotional wellbeing.  With this in mind, the school will endeavour to provide a comfortable and safe environment for learning.

    When a child is sick or injured the school will, in the first case, attempt to bring the child home or bring the parent to school.  If this is not possible the child will be brought to hospital.  It is particularly important that parents nominate an emergency contact in the event that they themselves cannot be contacted.

    Pastoral care is central to the ethos of our school. The atmosphere within the school is intended to be orderly, but sympathetic and caring. Since pastoral care permeates every aspect of school life, the staff of the school are committed to providing a warm and caring environment.

    At all times the school will endeavour to act in the best interests of the child.


    Miss C. Murray

    Further details can be found in our Pastoral Care Policy. 

    A number of other school Policy Statements contribute to the delivery of Pastoral Care within Cullion Primary School

    Anti-Bullying                         Inclusion

    Behaviour                              Loss & Bereavement

    Child Protection                   Staff Code of Conduct

    Discipline                              Special Educational Needs

    Emergency                           School Trips



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