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    A warm welcome to the parent area of the website.  If you have any questions we hope that you will find all the answers here.  If not, don’t hesistate to contact us and we will be able to help.


    The school discipline policy, which includes an anti-bullying policy, has been drawn up following workshops involving parents, governors, staff and children.  It stresses the importance of positive discipline and encourages the development of self-discipline.  Following a course on Assertive Discipline the teaching staff have worked together with their classes to produce a number of rules that are to be adhered to in each class & teacher.

    • No name calling or teasing
    • Follow directions from any member of staff immediately
    • Keep hands, feet and other objects to myself.

    These general rules should also be kept by all children at all times during the school day and are supported by a system of rewards and consequences.  Each classroom has these rules, rewards and consequences prominently displayed and they are discussed with the children at the beginning of the school year.

    All incidents of bullying or anti social behaviour are reported to the Principal or Vice Principal and dealt with immediately.Serious incidents of misbehaviour may result in suspension. See Behaviour Policy.



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